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Iphone 4s Home Button Not Working


Reply Chrismor September 28, 2012 at 3:32 pm Worked on my iPad (3) like a charm. Many thanks. Plus,as we will see shortly, there is a workaround that means a dodgy Home button needn't kill your iPhone experience. kellicaudill - 02/15/2015 Reply Putting the antennae cover back in place is impossible without a good photo.

When I was reinstalling the LCD panel it took me a few tries to get the connectors and cables through the holes correctly, and not pinched by the frame. A couple of attempts using the power-off approach suggested here have not (yet) worked, but the adaptive fix works well. Here’s what you need to do: Launch any app that came pre-installed on your device. I assume this to be some kind of head-conductive component.

Iphone 4 Home Button Replacement

GingeeDoo I just don't get it. They told me it might be dirty within and I have to dab some alcohol and remove the grime out. Reply Kelly Buchanan July 31, 2012 at 6:25 am I thought iDevices always just worked? ;) Seriously though, I have used an onscreen button alternative to the physical "screen off/power" button

Ads by Google 3. Thank you for your advice. red BEFORE orange, as part of the ribbon is UNDER red. Iphone Home Button Stuck Then I think I used needle pliers to spin it out once the plate came off and there was more room to grab the shank.

Pry from the top and bottom of the connector bracket—there isn't as much of an overhang on the sides, and you may damage the connector. Home Button Not Working On Iphone 6 Just tried "recalibrating" it. I could see easily damaging the circuit board by using too much force. Thank you so much!

aaaagh! Home Button Not Working Android Did this with an Atrix a few times. Tech Review Mania 29,806 views 4:40 How to Fix a Unresponsive "Broke" home button on Iphone/Ipad/Ipod - Duration: 2:28. Social Apples - 07/09/2010 Reply you potentially messed up the ribbon cable from the battery to the adapter.

Home Button Not Working On Iphone 6

I used a tiny tweezer to aid with re-routing the cables and it was FAR easier. have a peek at this web-site Any thoughts as to what I may have done wrong? Iphone 4 Home Button Replacement iPhoneTechLab 188,038 views 4:50 iPhone 5/5s/5c: 3 Possible Fixes for Home Button Not Working / Unresponsive / Lagging - Duration: 4:40. Iphone Home Button Repair Cost After fixing, my wifi was perfect.

awr - 05/14/2011 Reply If you do have to replace the Camera Ring, I find it much easier to put some double sided 3m on the Display where the ring would navigate here Loading... jeffchambers - 12/01/2012 Reply My glass refuses to budge ! Does anyone know what I should/could look for on the ribbon connector to confirm/deny a faulty button/ribbon cable? 0 1 year ago Reply steven kwok1 Blow hot air into the 30-pin Iphone 4 Home Button On Screen

Reply Verylatenight August 2, 2012 at 9:41 am $15 and a good jewelers screwdriver kit, Internet search and replaced the button in under an hour. Any default iOS app. (Weather, Clock etc.) Hold the Sleep/Wake button (Power) till the ‘Slide to power off' appears Now press and hold the home button till the slide goes away That jumper is next to the right upper corner of the headphone/volume button plug (yellow marked in step 17 of relacement guide), you can see it in the picture as two Glue and the main connector that has to be unwrapped and connected from the rear where you have no feel or control where it belongs.

THANKS!!!!!!!! Iphone 5s Home Button Not Working After Screen Replacement any suggestions? The dang jumper is so small I never even noticed that I lost it.

Blarg - 08/29/2011 Reply When re-plugging the yellow connector (the leftmost of the 3 connectors that you disconnected from the top) put the cables behind and not before the metal part

I used 5 egg indentations to replace my screen. Lint from your pocket or old Cheetos dust can find its way into the small crevice encircling the home button.In order to clean this out properly you want to use isopropyl I just need it to work for a few more months until the iPhone 6 comes out. Home Button Not Working On Ipad Thanks for this pic!

Reply ella October 19, 2012 at 10:14 pm thank you for the help i really do hope it works cause im very worried some thing happened that can never be fixed Luckily the screen and LCD was already missing and all that was left was the backlight. My iPad’s home button wasn’t driving me nuts, but it wasn’t at its best either. Thank you for sharing!

My phOne started to overheat; I then turned off my wifi and things are fine.. Reply 2 Erin Carpenter 2 years ago twist and spin method worked!! The rubber piece protects the ribbon cables from chafing like a bumper and from interferance. This is the 2nd time my iPad 5C start button has stopped working.

How to Use Emergency SOS in iOS 10.2 on iPhone iOS 10.2 has got an important feature called "Emergency SOS." If you have used watchOS 3, you may be aware of Remove this now, and do not forget to re install it on assembly. The reason why I say don't use an implement to try lift the battery is because far too many times I've seen punctured & bent batteries come in to this workshop It worked fine attached just by the other one, but caution when fastening these 1.4mm screws.

Thanks. So I didn't install it back. It was only connected by one cable. Reply parvin Akter July 31, 2012 at 1:29 pm The trick is so good.

His iphone sound would work with the ringtones but in Apps it wouldnt. Reassembling phone, will try again some other time... It sits under the battery like a tray and is not connected to the battery so it needs to stay in tact. Thanks again Yaara for such a simple and effective fix!

This transparent button can be used as your new home button. They are both the exact same size and length so it does not matter if you mix them up.