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Iphone 4 Unlocked Bluetooth Not Working


That said, your settings will now be at factory defaults so you'll need to spend some time setting things up again. Not happy. When you do so the Apple logo will appear and when you still keep pressing pwr and home, the logo will disappear and then a complete new logo appears: Itunes combined We bought our phones with the impression that we would get support from Apple, not that they would sabotage it with a destructive upgrade.

Try changing the channel on your router and check the rest of the settings. In the input bar there is a counter for voice text. THANK YOU! If you get a solution please email me back - [emailprotected] 09/30/2015 Izzy A. directory

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Very frustrating. 04/04/2016 Jensen hall Reply I have an iPhone 4s that I can't restore… Upon turning it on it shows the power cord symbol connection to iTunes.. To do this, head into Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Developers have been rolling out iOS 9 support updates that could help.

Although the ‘slide to upgrade' is shining like it does normally on an iphone when you go to unlock it. Workaround: The attacker must have access to your unlocked device. Take a look before you hop in the car and drive to the Apple Store.Advertisement How to Fix iPhone 4s Battery Life Problems One iPhone issue that we consistently hear about Itunes Download If that doesn't work, wait a few hours and then try again.

No spam, we promise. Iphone 6 Problems Others are saying that they've been able to rapidly tap "Update" on an app before the "Open" symbol appears. Give it a shot again. I can't dial, use contacts or switch to recent calls without having to shut the phone off completely.

Finally able to connect AND use my wifi. Apple Store Updated my iPad mini. I can not say thank you enough. 06/25/2015 dawakiusman Reply Pls I have reset my iPhone 4s an I was unable to active it keep on saying sim not valid that They have found that the update will start correctly OTA via Settings > General > Software Update, but then just stop randomly and hang indefinitely.

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I hate trying to access my phone and some of my apps don't work the same now. Apply the changes, then check the boxes to sync the playlists and they should now appear on your iPhone after the sync process has finished.Games run slow in iOS 10If you Ios 10 Problems So, if you do have an email address with an apostrophe in it, you'll have to wait for a fix from Apple. Iphone 7 Problems As long as the thief has your device and it’s unlocked they can bypass the security and restore your iPhone through iTunes.

If nothing works then head to an Apple Store and see what they can tell you. navigate here searching …. An unknown error has occurred.” Potential solutions: To begin with make sure that you don’t have a connection problem. If you're sure that these issues don't have anything to do with an outage, either at Apple or device's service provider, you'll want to first try restarting your device. Apple Help

Third-party apps and bad habits are usually the culprits. Thanks - worked for me! 10/28/2015 Maureen Reply you're a lifesaver!!! 12/11/2015 Apple Hater Reply You rock Tina, thanks for this post 09/18/2015 [emailprotected] Reply Just upgraded to is 9.0 and Now every app is tuned to the iOS 10 update and could be wasting precious battery. Check This Out If that doesn't work, try restarting your router.

Us 09/19/2015 J Reply Siri is screwed up! Iphone 5s I also have a 4s with 8gb and couldn't do a ios8 upgrade because of storage that when I saw the ios 9 I was excited and when it started downloading How to Unlock iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS and Avoid Scam Sites The big problem exists when there are many sites that offer factory unlock for iPhone iOS 7 (beta), iOS

Trying it with headsets.

I spent over 3 hours on this issue along with the lose of communication for a day and all my work e- mails. Good luck to you all 09/20/2015 Arrica Reply My iPad just updated, but right after it says update completed, it goes to this white screen with "slide to upgrade" at the I was so excited that I could finally update. Related articles Almost over! 6 gadgets to help you survive Election Day 2016 The 6 best 13-inch laptops of 2016 Leica TL just fixed all the problems of Leica's first luxury

Fixed! Please reply soon… Or just tell me how do I degrade my iPhone to ios8 09/28/2015 Madhan Reply Same problem to me, do you got any update ? 10/19/2015 Sheir Reply And if a reboot doesn't work, head into your settings and reset Network Settings. this contact form Fixed!

Please do something. 07/25/2016 Mesele aleme Reply Hi, my iphone4s just blocked out the screen but when someone calls the number it rings but I can not pick the call because Go into your Settings > Messages > Toggle iMessage off then back on. We started all over by powering down the Iphone thru pressing both pwr and home button for a long time and simultaneously aonnected to the Imac. I expect careless updates from Microsoft, but it now appears Apple is guilty of the very same thing.

If you can't find a fix that works for you, you can restore from a backup or factory reset your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus. what can I do 09/19/2015 Krystal Corcoles Reply I have updated IOS 9.1 to my iPhone 6+ and now I’m unable to use some of the applications under cellular network it I have reset network and nothing. If your lag doesn't go away within two days of setting up the phone or installing a new iOS update, you'll want to take action.

First, take the iPhone 4s to a Genius Bar at the local Apple Store. I sold the iPhone 4 to a friend. Glitch: Sound muffled or low volume A few people are reporting that the sound is muffled after the iOS 7.1 update and that the volume won’t go as high as it The only music that is available are the few itunes songs I have purchased. 09/05/2016 c0okie16 Reply I am having the same problem..

They were there one day and gone the next. Any suggestions??? 09/23/2015 Gail Matthey Reply Eva, how did you fix it? How to Fix iPhone 4s Landscape Issues If your iPhone 4s gets stuck in landscape mode, there are a few fixes to try. Sometimes it happens when opening or closing an app, or it may occur when a notification comes in.

HELP PLEASE 09/18/2015 carys Reply Same issue on my iphone 4s, tried rebooting it three times with the lock and home button and it takes me through two steps: it tells If you haven't downloaded iOS 10 yet, you'll get all of those baked in.