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Iphone 4s Wifi On Off Button Not Working


I'm lucky I found this topic, tried the freezer trick and it works for a minute or two. The upgrade is uncovering the flaw, not introducing it. It is unlikely that iOS 6.1.3 is breaking the iPhone's WiFi module. This was my final resort today - heating the 4S with a hair dryer till the overheat warning came on, then turning it off, and putting it in the fridge for have a peek here

Is the screw stripped or the head stripped? Thanks Reply BY Lee | September 10, 2014 at 7:48 pm the answer is it lasts for few minutes. For one, the issue would be more widespread. People will put it too hot, or in the wrong place, and then they'll make a $200 or whatever repair in to a whole phone replacement.

Wifi Greyed Out Iphone 4s

Make a backup first, and if it doesn't work, you can always do a restore.I was just about to suggest this, you could try to backup with iTunes and then do i tried the hair dryer way. I am now trying to buy another screwdriver - but which one. #0 or #000. I am able to turn the wifi on and off without any problems now.

I now have wifi thanks to the crazy person who thought "hey maybe I should overheat and then cool down my phone!" Reply BY luke | July 12, 2014 at 11:39 Wi-Fi still out. I get the vacuum out and go over every inch of the floor to suck up all them screws. Iphone 4s Wifi Not Turning On I recive back after 2 weeks and my wi fi works only for 2 days and happend again very disappointed.

paul - 02/10/2015 Marv you a first class pleb! Wifi Greyed Out Iphone 6 jimforbes - 05/23/2014 Reply It's also called glad wrap in the US as well. :) Scorppio500 Webmaster - March 31 After seeing the comments about trouble finding the carrier, I shut Reply BY Honda | September 22, 2014 at 1:09 pm|0 | 0 4s no wifi after install os7 read put in frezzer for 10 min then I got wifi back then hop over to this website You opened Settings -> Wi-Fi to see what's happening, and discovered that that the Wi-Fi button is grayed out and you can't turn it back on.

Obviously Apple's fault. Iphone 4s Wifi Disabled I went to the APPLE service center and told me they would replace my BRAND NEW phone, but I have to pay $273!!?! Sent from the iMore App 0 2 years ago Reply Valerie Anne Yea airplane mode doesn't do anything. Temp sensor is on the battery and returning to old battery fixed it.

Wifi Greyed Out Iphone 6

thebacks - 07/19/2013 Reply So, I couldn't gind the tape and instead of digging around. see here HELP!!!! Wifi Greyed Out Iphone 4s Being grayed out in settings! Iphone 4s Wifi Greyed Out Permanent Fix It's also a quick and easy troubleshooting step that should be tried before most others for any issue.

The first option I'd like to recommend is a mail-in repair service called navigate here In Robert's case, a new iPhone 4S would cost $199 from Apple, but iResQ would repair the Wi-Fi antenna alone for only $79. Everything else was nice 'n' easy. This is madness but at least this seems to fix the issue albeit temporarily. Iphone 4s Wifi Not Working

So it doesn't take much heat to losen the solder on modern electronics. I also took out the grounding clip by the battery connectors and bent it upwards quite a bit while also peeling away 2 mm of the black insulation material on the After 18 months without problems my iphone stopped connecting to my home wifi. Check This Out Anyway, for me I can reproduce the WiFi problem if I use Google Maps as a GPS.

gregsrow - 04/06/2013 Reply This step needs a few more caveats. Iphone 4s Wifi Not Connecting I used the HAIR DRYER for heating up my iPhone then put it in a FREEZER. it worked for me ,i hope it works for u tooo.

Reply BY The-Cruickshank's | August 12, 2014 at 6:17 pm|0 | 0 The freezer trick !!!

good to go. The Apple Support Forum thread on this issue only has 26 comments, and of those, only a few are from users who have experienced this issue. A secondary order and another 20 minutes took care of it. Iphone 4s Wifi Greyed Out Fix Freezer We traced the initial thermal disable of the WiFi down to the fact the sales man kept the phone on a window sil and charging.

ghodges - 01/13/2013 Reply where the heck does it go back on the logic board?! UUuugggghhhh!!!! Reply BY PJ | June 23, 2014 at 9:02 pm|1 | 0 problem remains unsolved. After a few seconds in "searching" mode it will go back to full reception and the process repeats itself in a timely fashion, over and over again.

Reply ian says: June 25, 2016 at 3:16 pm Iphone 4s wont start up without connecting to wifi ….