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Ipod Touch Screen Wet Not Working


I text my husband the bad news turned it off and heated up the dryer. Please enter a valid email address. Deeceer Re seawater, a very old trick with cameras (as in film cameras - this goes WAY back) was to as soon as possible (if not immediately) submerge the camera in memenode Well, the article should give you some clues. 🙂 The reason I'm not responding to many comments here anymore is that because everything that had to be said was already Check This Out

I'm at my dorm, it's 1 AM, and I have no car and no way of contacting anyone to drive me anywhere with my phone off. After a while I un-plugged it and asked my techno mate what to do. Just a note, when I got my iPod touch wet, after using this method I had to plug it into the computer to start. Both of them have very good and best friends who are persons of color in particular African American and hispanic American.

How To Get Water Out Of Ipod 5

Then I wiped out all the water and then i blew in to the speaker and water came out. (I did not use hairdryer) then i checked to make sure everything Open the bag, drop the ipod in and waited a day or two. He quickly dried off the outside of the device with his shirt and then naturally wanted to see if everything still worked and tried to use it. I don't know for how long it's going to work but it works for now.

I guess we will see Monday… Bruce IT WORKED! There is lots of water under the screen and rice isnt helping much, what can I do??? GK Hi all, I have a question to ask for those who's iPhone fell in water; Did it get warm after the fall? How To Fix A Water Damaged Ipod Touch 5th Generation If you live in Texas you shouldn't have any problems trying to find heat in unconventional ways.

Although I hope you don't have to hembo Hey Noah I takes 20 min's in boiling water to make rice eatable, and in that amount of time they absorb 166% of What To Do If Your Ipod Gets Wet And Wont Turn On everyonce in a while it wouldnt do what i want it to do but other then that it is fine. Article Speed Is the Name of the Game in Saving Your Laptop after a Spill Get the Most From Your Tech With Our Daily Tips Email Address Sign Up There was iPod touch Posted on Jan 25, 2012 9:45 AM Reply I have this question too Q: iPod Touch sreen stops working after getting wet.

Is there anything else i can do to try and save his "Pock" (my son calls it that). Ipod Fell In Water Wont Turn On This is the only way to get it fixed 100%. Rate this article: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ How to Repair a Wet iPod, 3.50 / 5 (10 votes) You need to enable JavaScript to vote Mail this article Print this How do I know this works?

What To Do If Your Ipod Gets Wet And Wont Turn On

And I said ocean….so SALT WATER, which I have read is the worse!

juste turn it off and le it dry dont make the same mistake i did ( scrole up to look at my other posts and youll know) vanessa o wow i How To Get Water Out Of Ipod 5 In this situation there is a right and wrong way to react. Water Damaged Ipod Touch 5 Repair I did not touch it for 3 days and nights.

Don't seal the ziplock bag! It still works because i can hear when i slide the bottom of the screen that click sound. Immediately the phone went out of wack. I currently have it sitting in a bag of Jasmine rice and am hoping for the best. Ipod Water Damage Repair Cost

i turned it off and put it in a bag full of rice. i quickly got it out and dried it off and put it in rice for a whole 24 hours. Maybe you should try wrapping your head in a paper towel and place it in a ziplock bag then go get a life. this contact form jtc Hi-I had my ipod touch in my bag with a not-so-tight water bottle and it got it wet.

Katy water leaked into my ipod at least 9 months ago and I just hoped it would be ok but when there was 20% left I plugged it in but it Dropped Ipod Touch In Water is it ruined now? Pingback: who the–what the–HUH?() Miss Bliss OK, so… earlier this year… I dropped my 4th gen Ipod 32gb in the ocean… So nice!

i have the nano that came out before the nano with that camera?i have no ideo what its called but can someone please help:( memenode According to what I read it

I tried turning it on several times after that and nothing. I put mine in rice about an hour after the damage was presumabley done to my ipod, then put it on my charger the next morning, would this affect the results i used it yesterday and then turned it off. How To Fix A Wet Ipod Touch 5th Generation everything still works but will it reamin working?

Someone with me told me about the rice, so after trying to suck the water out of any open place on the ipod, I ran back to my place (10 feet And the buttons seem to be working just fine.. Try Apple - While moisture damage isn't covered by Apple warranties, a new Apple policy introduced in May 2009, though not advertised, reportedly has Apple willing to trade submerged iPhones for i quickly dryed it off with a towel.

Sawdust would probably work, too. It was submerged for MAYBE 2 seconds, the bull of it is if it hadn't been on the charger it wouldn't have fallen in the direction that it did and I It only works when I have head phones In. what else can i do?

it workd after that but the wi-fi wasnt working after alittle it flashed a whit screen and shut down it wont open i have it in rice right now please hel im going to try to take mine to the apple store and see what theyll do for me, theyre usually pretty nice there. Pulled it out of My pocket and laid it onto some cardboard and went about removing My clothes and drying Myself off--I was freezing, being winter I had been fully dressed. This removes the water immediately.

In fact, when as I climbed out of the pool having already handed my iPod to my friend, I found that this is exactly what he did. I just dropped my phone in the toilet Saturday night and i immendiately put in rice I haven't tried anything yet!! My sister, almost twelve, just got her first phone (not an IPhone) and after having it only 2 weeks she dropped it in the toilet at school. Weird Jenny Sadly, I just put my brand new iphone 4 through the washing machine.

lumino i dropped my ipod in gravy and tried to remove it with water but now my ipod is completely frozen! Chances are pretty good that it's busted though. Tap water contains traces of minerals that can short tiny circuitry. If you don’t get a response, place it on the charger and then retry.