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Jeep Grand Cherokee Dual Climate Control Not Working


Judged: 7 Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! Mark helpful 80 Report Heater2011 answered about a year ago Tell me more, I have the same problem. There are two types of current faults: input faults, and system faults. 2. Accessing it requires removing the assembly from the Jeep, which involves getting past airbags and other stuff I didn't want to tear into while in my driveway.

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The passenger side may have a plastic retainer built in that held the dash during assembly, pry the retainer to allow dash removal. My thought is that if someone is confident in their own mechanical abilities (ie auto technicians) this will give them enough information to decide if they will proceed with the repair. The repair will take about half an hour to forty five minutes. Use a trim tool to remove both pillar trim pieces and dash trim panel near windshield, pry the defrost vents from the dash panel (just loosen them do not remove).

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Blend Door

We are new owners of a 1999 Grand Cherokee that had no heat on the passenger side the man we bought it from mentioned it was a $150 fix. The AZC control panel also features a recirculation push button switch and a vacuum fluorescent display area. If there are no fault codes, the 00 display value will remain in the VF window.

No matter what setting I select. 11 answers what can I do to fix my climate control on my jeep. Sales 800-524-9783 Time Sert Tips from Master Tech!Sales Mon-Fri. 7am - 8pm & Sat 9-12PM EST. Thanks for providing a great product and getting the Jeep warm again for my wife.TerryModesto, CA Hi JGCParts,I just wanna thank you for the blend doors. 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ac Problems Time-Sert Oil Pan Kits Head Bolt Thread Repair Authorized Time Sert DealerProfessional Advice Head Bolt Kits Ford Spark Plug Blowout Master Tech ProvidesExpert Advice onSpark Plug Thread Repair Thread Repair Kits

The glove box is easily removed to access the actuator for the drivers side. 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Climate Control Problems Historical fault codes are cleared automatically when the corresponding current fault code has been cleared, and has remained cleared for 72 ignition cycles. Troubleshooting: See also Blower motor Change in outlet temperature from desired setting - 1999-2001 models (see TSB # 2400701) Cold air leaking into passenger compartment foot well - 1999-2000 models (see Judged: 1 Reply » Report Abuse Judge it!

Be careful how u cut it ( I used a very sharp exacto knife) so that u can silicon the piece back in place. 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Blend Door Repair No tax charged outside FL. Replaced actuator and same issue raise and lower temp setting on dual controls and no movement with acutator.I can make the actuators work by putting voltage on them from alternate source The Automatic control is available only on Limited or Overland models.

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Climate Control Problems

When the blower switch is set to LO speed, the AZC Module provides a short duty cycle (less time grounding the signal voltage). internet Fred United States #18 Jan 20, 2007 I have a 2002 and my feet freeze in the dam thing I think Maureen is right we should band together and make Damiler/Chysler 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Blend Door Do not touch any of the AZC controls for at least one minute to allow the calibration function to run to completion. 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Climate Control Module Enter your email to get updates when people reply.

Remove the heater hoses and ac lines at the firewall. check over here HeaterNational DetroitNew PigNexiqNorthcoast ToolNorton NuplaOld Forge OmegaOTCPar ToolPhoenix SystemsPlewsPort-A-CoolPortasolPorter FergusonPower ProbePowerbuiltPowermaxPrecision InstrumentsPrivate Brand ToolsPro VisionProgripProtocoR&D KamasRaytekRBL ProductsREL StapletonRescue BitRingers GlovesRoadi Diagnostic ToolsRobinairRotunda ToolsRTI S.E. Unfortunately it will cost up to $1500.00 and 3 days of no Jeep®.So why does it take so long, and more importantly - wheres that $1500.00 of your money going?Labor Charges! Jeep Grand Cherokee News Forums Not a Topix user yet? 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Blend Door Actuator Replacement

FCA to expand its presence in India by 'cohesiv... 2017 Jeep Renegade - Two New Models Debut At 20... The AZC control, when it is not set in the auto mode, always defaults to A/C enabled. The suction line should be cold and the discharge line should be hot, infrared thermometers are great for checking the temperatures without getting burned. Hear blower but no air blows through any vents.6.

Sign Up Forgot Your Password? 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ac Not Cold This takes a couple of hours but it beats taking most of the dash off. Thanks!!!!!!

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This takes a couple of hours but it beats taking most of the dash off. Refill coolant, evacuate and recharge the ac system.Reader's Comment Hey Dennis, I really like the article on how to get at the blend doors on a Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you own a ZJ it could be an issue with a vacuum system leak, as if I recall correctly, the vents are vacuum controlled and the default without enough 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ac Problems Buy the blend doors (approx. 100.00).

If the door isintact, it should stop any amount of force you couldapply by hand. Spent a winter freezing since the drivers side only blew cold. About a month ago I realized I had no heat and began to research the problem and was astonished to see the fix would probably cost close to $1,000 or more. weblink I have the classic symptom of cold air on the passenger side.

Would Axle-Back remove OE Exhaust... Thanks, Adam Schmidt & Jennifer Godden The JGCParts Heater Solution:Our kit replaces the cheap, brittle plastic doors and axle with high quality Aluminum components. heating/cooling problem Posted in the Jeep Grand Cherokee Forum Leave a Comment Track Replies Comments 1 - 20 of 798 Comments Last updated Saturday Oct 29 First Prev of 40 Next One, two-wire electronic mode door actuator.

Involves AZC module recalibration. Did not affect WHERE the air went, just weather or not it had any heat when it got there. Remove the hidden 13 mm nut that is straight up, it is located to the right of the brake pedal - look straight up. 7. Search Jeep Grand Cherokee Forum Now Trending Now Kentucky Derby Hillary Clinton Syria Pakistan Mexico Hurricane North Korea Wall Street Bill Clinton China Jeep Grand Cherokee News Jeep Grand Cherokee News

My 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee has only 50K. Unplug electrical connectors on driver and passenger sides. Self adhesive foam tape is available that will help absorb water droplets that may form on the HVAC housing. If I remember the research I did prior to cutting anything, the passenger side servo is installed into the heating and air "assembly" prior to it's actual installation in the dash

My auto repair shop quoted the typical dealer replacement with dashboard removal of approximately $1,500. If I could just add, the hinge that I used was one that the pin just slid out of , so basically one less step.This is some good info, such a