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Internet Explorer Form Submit Button Not Working


Comments Comment #1 vernond CreditAttribution: vernond commented October 26, 2011 at 7:00pm Have you tried changing themes to see if the problem persists? The problem still exists. To solve the problem and tame the IE bastard you'll have to loose the you write

IE now posts the correct values (at least that worked for me). Javascript Form Submit Not Working In Ie Both browsers reliably send the “value” attribute when building a POST or GET URL encoded string from an input tag.

IE6 will still submit multiple name/value pairs even if the name is of the form #name|value. Check This Out My focus was to bring back exactly the same post variables on IE and Firefox (no extra rubbish) and support passing back values (other than the button name or text) in Reply Jacob 08 August 2009 There's a much easier solution to this entire issue. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Ie11 Button Click Not Working

This was requires no JavaScript, and works on all tested browsers.This is in php, but it's pretty easy to port to something else.// Example Form Code Beforeforeach($records as $rec) //Display Fields First i noticed the f... Not being critical, just stating that the beta 1 release was the first where I noticed this problem. You could try "enabling notifications for script errors" buried somewhere within IE's settings, but they're not awfully helpful.

Interestingly the buttons DO work in Firefox, though I cannot explain this. Ie11 Javascript Form Submit now the problem is: - "Error message box" is not appearing but when we key in full details in the form and it will successfully logged in. The form still works in Firefox if I turn off Javascript.

No action when clicking the cancel/submit buttons, only when you press the enter key from one of the form elements.

I'm new at this but truly see why we all are disgusted with IE's on to my wmplayer issues again IE related.To see my buttons in action go Reply It affects IE8 in both standards and IE7 compatibility mode (IE9 is OK; I don't have an IE7 handy). Maybe somebody could improve it.function submitForm() { var e = document.getElementById('btnAction0'); e.value = e.attributes['value'].value;}

( be sure you don't use function name: "submit()" ) Internet Explorer 11 Buttons Not Working It works properly on all other browsers.

below is the my submit button code:- Thanks in advance for your response. Bears further testing, if someone wouldn’t mind taking a look.">— Using “filter” for opacity was causing … … …strange issues in IE, making all but the text on submit inputs click-proof. Reply Dromyl 28 June 2006 hey guys,when i use tags, while other browsers will submit the content of the value attribute. My solution was: Append the JS form to a div in the DOM, that way IE knows it is there and can submit it. Browse other questions tagged javascript forms internet-explorer submit or ask your own question. HTML_TAG a href="link_here"HTML_TAGinput type="button" name="delete_resp" value="Delete" HTML_TAG/adoesn't work in IE....

I cannot get any submit buttons to work (they do not postback). And still don't get different values, but can play with the different names.If anyone can make a simpler solution with php i'd be happy to here about it Reply Keith Lawler anyway here is the code:

This is the default value. This is under VS2005 and 2.0 framework.