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I have had this phone for less than two months and have had 3G/4G connectivity for about 5 minutes in the time that I have had the phone. Chris Note3 won't connect to 4G. I hope Google will one day make these phone makers do right by their name. Says no internet connection on my phone.

it's not a local outage, just my house. Happening more and more. Can't open basic webpages or even watch TV. Gone thru two support levels at Verizon, now sent to network/server support level.

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I thought it was the radio as I am running CM7 (Froyo kernel). Service provider: Verizon lord merle "No Service" north of Springtown, TX off Hwy 51. I also heard rooted phones can dump Gingerbread and get Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), take screenshots, be set up device as wifi hotspot, which is a major benefit. Bollicks.

When I checked in the afternoon, literally 2 hours later, I was getting errors saying it could not connect to my email servers, and any of the pages I browsed to Pam Not getting any service bars in my area right now. I would change carrier in a heartbeat if my data connection would start acting like that. Verizon Wireless Troubleshooting Number I try airplane, I try switching cdma/lte to cdma only, I feel like I am back on my blackberry storm pulling the battery 3x a day.

I was in a Verizon store tonight and there was absolutely NO DATA connection. It took a minute, but eventually the 3G was letting me browse on Safari. Been a couple of days. This thing does not survive any kind of moving around and continuously has problems exactly as described.

GO Or Sign in for the best support. *Actual speed will be provisioned at the highest optimized speed range at your location. Verizon Troubleshooting Phone Number Verizon claims to have fixed it but I randomly through out the day lose data activity. Cannot use internet or send texts or make calls. ended with a dm of "there's an outage in your area".

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is there any idea of eta on this or switchin to att is the quickest solution? what the heck Candace Rice-Daniels Thanks for showing me how stupid a college graduate actually is without a GPS #verizonoutage #noData Linda Verizon wireless and landline are down in 20187 zip Verizon Problems Today When I call support (in India) the last 2 calls have been cut off while they were checking the lines! Verizon Fios Tv Troubleshooting j ramirez Its pissing me off how many timed will this be a outage first one now another etc is going on I can't send messages its pissing me off R

i appreciate the intelligent techs who fix my issues with no delays. @TimoSaidWHAT @askfrontier it should have been fixed already. H or H+ tops out at about 2Mbps (that's Mega bits (not bytes) per second). If not available, tap the Menu icon, and then tap New APN.Note: To reset your APN settings, tap the Menu key and then tap Reset to default.Verify and update the following Doris Gaumont Can't call or receive calls, if I dial the message I get on the phone's screen is"mobile network not available ". Verizon Troubleshooting Number

my verizon app won't work with my pixel xl. Near Conway/Little Rock, AR. All in all I have been very happy with Verizon and with my Thunderbolt since day 1 when they were first released and I was second in line to get one. Source Sonja I'm located in the Little Rock, Arkansas area.

It took my own personal research on the World Wide Web to finally realize that this problem is rampant... Verizon Outage 2016 Are all of the 3G people having problems switching from 3G to 2G/1X? Irwin Stotler My mobile jet pack says i have 4g bars yet im not getting any service in Rancho Cordova Useyourhead No mobile data right now in Rockford IL Carrie Tuttle

Shapleigh, Maine 04076 June 30, Belle Bisda The whole network is down.

it doesn't work. nothing will send or receive over lte @liljon042_ssb @infernoomni @comcast @verizon no. D. Cell Phone Outage Today My phone (Bionic) will keep a 3g data connection for several days before I end up rebooting, which I would do anyway even if the 3g/4g switch worked perfectly.

any other verizon users with the same problem? ^map @AngryYuca @verizon are you going to address the massive data outage in the ne? FU LA Thought I was living in a first world country but between LA power outages and now this I know that America is now 3rd world Carlosinator Working in Corona, Needless to say, I did not root due to laziness and also for fear of doing something wrong and ending up with a "brick". have a peek here Text is working!!

Justin I have been having the same issue with the Thunderbolt for many months. The airplane mode trick doesn't work. Tracey Haven't been able to make phone calls, or get voice-mail all day today July 7, 2016. Having a "disable 4G" button forces this decision but until then it's nothing more than an icon that can't make up it's mind. 1 bar of 4G is still usually faster

All of our calls to Verizon customer service, change of settings, and supposed system upgrade have done nothing. This give me a 3G signal & she claims that the arm & leg roaming charges would not apply unless I was outside the US. yes at least 1 other coworker. 100 commercial st, 03101 @Nulin1220 @vzwsupport any reason why we have no service in our area?!?! @healthyhotair hour 11 @verizon & @google arguing over why Internet is fine but no 4G service at all.

Drew DeNardo I have this issue on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 (LTE version, obviously). I got this phone not only for the phone itself, but for the network it operates on.