How to Outsource Photo Editing for eCommerce?

outsource eCommerce photo editing

Let’s start with a harsh truth. Any e-commerce business won’t be able to survive in this competitive world, if the product images on their pages aren’t attractive. Even if a product picture has been taken properly, the product’s focus might have shifted. Hence, any kind of distraction present within a product photo can be removed. One simply needs to take the help of a photo editing service.

Outsourcing Photo Editing for eCommerce

Within the ecommerce, the formation of product images is a three-step process. The process includes pre-production, production, and post-production. Basically, pre-production process involves the process of planning; production process is the photo shoot; and the post-production process involves photo editing.

Photo editing services often includes photo retouching, background removal, improving the quality of picture, color correction, merging objects, spot removal, enhancing features and more. Proper photo editing services can create a perfect image, which can speak a thousand words.

Send It to a Professional

Outsourcing photo editing services for ecommerce is very important. Whenever a business house is outsourcing photo editing services, it signifies that corrections would be made to the images. Once the corrections are made, it is send back to the client.

Any professional photo editing service providers would always stick to the style guide followed by the ecommerce sites. For Instance, in order to post product images on Amazon, it should have a white background. If it fails to meet the criteria the account of the product might get banned. Hence, a professional photo editor would keep all the requirements in mind for a site while editing the image.

Why Outsource Photo Editing Services?

Many businesses might thing about the necessity of outsourcing a photo editor. Well, any business house can easily edit the images for ecommerce store. However, hiring a professional would be a great help.

  • Firstly, by outsourcing photo editing service, a business can entire focus on expanding their business.
  • There is no chance of missing the deadlines. In fact, a huge number of photos for ecommerce sites can be edited within a short span of time. Basically, a reputed outsourced photo editing service provider is able to deliver the edited images within 24 hours and maximum within 2days.
  • It can save a lot of money for businesses. They won’t need to hire and train in-house photo editors. Nor a business would need to pay their in-house editors a monthly salary.
  • Many reputed outsources photo editing service providers also offers photo retouching services. With photo retouching services, an ecommerce image can be hugely benefitted. Starting from model’s skin retouching to crease reduction is possible. Even the image shadows can be adjusted.
  • If you are planning to outsource photo editing services, it can easily get rid of the bottlenecks. The more time an ecommerce site takes to upload images, it can affect their sales and profit.

Once you have gone through the benefits of outsourcing a photo editing service provider, take a look on how to pick the right one.

Ways to Outsource a Reputed Photo Editing Service for Ecommerce

Experience in the Industry

Not all providers of photo-editing services can offer a great deal of services.  Some photo editing firms are specialized in editing ecommerce products; whereas some might have experience in editing fashion apparels.

Hence, it’s important to find a photo editor who might have specialization in your niche industry. At the same time, checking the years of experience in the industry is important. A vast year of experience can keep customers assured that the company can be relied.

Ask Questions

Customers should be able to ask questions to the photo editing company they are planning to hire. Customers should ask the outsourced image editing service provider their onboarding process.

For instance, the company should understand the requirements of the client. They should detail the editing process to the customers. Holding meetings and making calls to the customers at each and every steps of editing is necessary. Only then the chance of edited photo correction would decrease.

Customers shouldn’t forget to ask the photo editing requirements needed by the company. The outsourcing company should clearly tell clients if they need the image file from Dropbox or from FTP. Clear communication would make the job fast.

Tools Used

When outsourcing photo editing, customers should try to ensure that the outsourcing company is using proper and high-end tools. Using a quality tool would make the job of editing very easy.

Often, it has been seen that the outsourced photo editing service provider don’t get sufficient time to review the image and edit it as required. As a result, the QA phase becomes very tough. After all, when images are reviewed in Photoshop, it can get rejected. Then the whole process of editing needs to be started from the start.

For this reason, a technology based system is crucial. With the help of advanced technology, editing the product images for ecommerce sites becomes easy. This kind of advanced tool can help to recreate edited images as per the demand of clients.

Photo Editing Services

Not every outsourced photo-editing service providers offer a wide range of services. Some providers offer white-background removal services; whereas others offer clipping path services and many more. Hence, before outsource photo editing service, ensure they offer the service that you would need.

Checking Reviews of Previous Customers

Before you plan to outsource any photo editing service provider for your ecommerce, make sure to check their reviews. Going through the review of previous clients would help to get an idea about the company and their services. It can give an idea about how the firm does its job. After that making a choice becomes easy.


If you are new to this field and don’t have any idea about which company is ideal for your photo editing service, you can simply chill. You can ask for suggestion from friends and colleagues. They can help you top outsource the services from a professional company.

Sample Work

Checking out the sample work of the outsourced photo editing company for ecommerce is crucial. It would tell how good the company is in their task of editing.


When you are planning to outsource an photo editing company for ecommerce, you should be very careful. However, following the aforementioned points would help you to pick the right firm for the job.

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